Staying Safe

It is the responsibility of all adults and pupils at Redlands to ensure that our school is safe. Every month, members of the school council walk round the school with one of the governors checking for anything that may be unsafe or broken and report these findings to Mr Harcombe. A way you can help is by letting an adult know if you see something inside school, maybe in your classroom, or the school corridors, or even outside, that is unsafe.

We can also be safe by making sure we behave appropriately.

  • Always walk around the school
  • Put bags and lunchboxes away tidy
  • Hang coats up tidy
  • Pull your chair in under the table

Remember to be safe online;

  • If you see anything online that worries or upsets you - reoprt it to a responsible adult
  • Never arrange to meet anyone you have chatted to online - they may not be who they say they are

We must also remember to be safe when on school trips or outside of school in the evenings, at weekends or during holiday times;

  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Always look carefully before crossing a road
  • Get home before dark
  • Always be home by the time you have been told to

Sun Safety is also very important. On hot, sunny days; 

  • Apply sunscreen before you come to school
  • Bring your sunscreen into school to put on during the day                                         
  • Wear hats when playing outside
  • Bring water bottles into school and drink regularly
  • Find shade if you are feeling too hot


Remember, safety is the responsibility of EVERYONE – we can all help each other to be safe.