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Redlands Primary School

Our Vision

Redlands Primary School has been on its present site since 1928, and maintains, both in looks and feel, the sense of being a cosy village school but in the centre of a modern town.

We are a genuine community school working closely with parents and key players in the locality – such as our MP and councillors, the local naval base and businesses, charities, hospitals and nursing homes - to provide a safe, rich and exciting school experience for all our children.

Our Vision is...

… to inspire all our children to be effective life-long learners.

Why this vision?

Life-long learning is the basis of achieving your full potential not just academically, but in terms of economic well-being, personal fulfilment and quality of life.

Life-long learning is about being part of and contributing to a wider community, having a spirit of enterprise and enquiry and pursuing your dreams and ambitions. Life-long learning begins with mastering the basic skills of numeracy and written and spoken English and also encompasses collaboration and cooperation, learning to take responsibility for yourself and also to care for and respect the community in which you live and work. We believe each and every child with whom we work deserves the best life chances and the opportunity to be a part of a society that can continue to grow and flourish.



The best interests of the child underpin all that we strive to do.

Children come to school with dreams – things they want to do now and when they’re older; dreams of places, people, adventures, dreams of their own lives as they would like them to be. Dreams, hopes, aspirations, call them what you will, are what motivate us to learn, to become skilled and knowledgeable. Our job as teachers is to help every single child to develop the skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that will help them achieve their ambitions.

We do this by promoting a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment in which questioning and challenge foster the personal growth that comes from learning about different perspectives, cultures and experiences. We encourage respect for people, their rights, beliefs and culture. We support and promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and believe that every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views taken seriously, just as every child has to take responsibility for themselves, their actions and their place in the wider community.

We encourage respect for people, their rights, beliefs and culture.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity. We strive to identify and  overcome barriers to learning and create  policies and practices that exemplify fairness and which provide opportunities to help every child - regardless of gender,  race, colour, beliefs, disability or economic status – to begin to become the best that they can be.


We show determination that our children should achieve the highest standards of which they are capable, including in exams, and aim to provide them with excellent teaching and guidance to help them succeed – in literacy and numeracy, science, sport, humanities, the arts, and in simply being a valued and responsible member of the community. We value an understanding and appreciation of spirituality, whether in terms of individual religious beliefs, different cultures or the spiritual uplift we get from music, great art, sporting achievement or a simple act of kindness or consideration.

Working in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation will help to achieve goals that are beneficial to the individual and to the wider community.

We believe that collaboration – with the child in the learning process, with parents and other agencies – is an effective  route to academic success and an effective model of a thriving society. Working in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation will help to achieve goals that are beneficial to the individual and to the wider community.      

Aspiration to fulfil potential and have a successful and satisfying life goes alongside persistence in overcoming barriers, perseverance when the going gets tough, empathy to understand how others feel and how we fit in to society, and good humour which helps us to keep a sense of perspective and because all life and all people are precious and understanding and enjoyment of this fact is always reason for celebration.