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Redlands Primary School

School Dinners

We have an on-site kitchen and healthy mid-day meals are prepared by Hampshire Caterers. The latest cost of a school meal can be obtained from the office. Service is cafeteria style and children are encouraged to eat what they chose to take.

Please note from the 1st November 2020 the price of a school meal will increase to £2.50. 

The latest menu can be found at the HC3S site:

Our School Menu Apr 2021 - Oct 2021

Our current Jacket Potato menu is

Monday Cheese
Tuesday Baked Beans
Wednesday Chicken Mayonnaise
Thursday Tuna Mayonnaise
Friday Baked Beans


Free School Lunches

If you think that your child may be entitled to a free school lunch, please ask at the school office.

Alternatively, you can check yourself by clicking on the link below:

Application for Free School Meals

Please note that the criteria for free school meals is the same, regardless of method of checking eligibility.

For the online service all you need to do is enter your;

  • name
  • national insurance number or asylum number
  • your address
  • your child’s details.

Press ‘submit’ and you will find out if you are eligible.

If your result comes back ‘found’ this means your child is eligible for free school meals and the system automatically informs us.

Should you require any further assistance please pop in to the school office.

The school receives extra funding for every child that is entitled to a free school meal. When teachers call dinner register no one knows who is free and who pays - there should be no shame in claiming your entitlement and, remember, you are not just helping your child to a delicious and nutritious school lunch but you are helping the school too!

Even if you don't actually have the school meals (you can still bring packed lunch) the school gains the funding because you are entitled. To find out more about this funding and how the school uses it, see our Pupil Premium page.

More information about food standards within schools can be found at:

School Meals | School Food Standards