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Redlands Primary School

School Improvement Priorities

Below you will find a summary of this year's strategic school improvement plan. This document outlines the key areas for development that the school is working on this year. Please be aware that this is a summary document and not the full plan.

Key Improvements 2021-2023: English

  • To further develop oracy including speaking in grammatically correct sentences when required and developing a wider vocabulary from each child’s starting point. This to cut across all curriculum areas and build children’s cultural capital though literature.
  • To review and reinforce minimum yearly expectations for spelling and punctuation. 
  • To further raise expectations regarding handwritten / typewritten presentation across the curriculum. 
  • To continue to promote reading both as a vital key life skill and as an enjoyable activity, with particular emphasis on parental engagement.
  • To review the teaching of phonics.

Key Improvements 2021-2023: Mathematics

  1. To develop the instant recall and application of times tables so that a) children acquire and can use this important knowledge, and b) children are best prepared for upcoming times table tests (compulsory in 2020)
  2. To develop the instant recall and application of number facts.
  3. Year R and KS1 to be trained in  and to introduce the NCETM Mastering Number programme which focuses on developing children's basic knowledge and understanding of the number system. The programme involves daily 15 minute sessions (resources are provided by Solent Maths Hub). This programme was also recommended/rated by Hampshire Maths Team and was introduced to address an area of weakness that was picked up by both KS1 and Year R staff.
  4. Monitoring Planning and books to ensure that areas of the curriculum missed during the previous year due to lockdown are being covered to ensure there are Overall success criteria

Key Improvements 2021-2023: Special Educational Needs

  • To improve our holistic understanding of individual pupils and their needs.   

  •  To ensure that pupils with SEND have access to high quality inclusive teaching. 

Continuing Priorities 2020-22


  • Maintain excellent SAFEGUARDING PRACTICE including further promotion of e-safety and always taking account of changes during the pandemic.
  • Embed the new EYFS curriculum
  • Maintain the highest QUALITY OF TEACHING, including continuing to diminish the difference arising from deprivation.
  • In SEND to continue to improve our holistic understanding of individual pupils and their needs in order to create bespoke solutions and ensure they have access to high quality inclusive teaching.
  •  Ensure SOCIAL MORAL, SPIRITUAL and CULTURAL EDUCATION (SMSC) (with appropriate reference to British Values and Prevent) has a high profile throughout the curriculum, links with everyday learning and is reflected in the schools values and the richness of the day-to-day and cumulative CURRICULUM OFFER.
  • Provide an effective RECOVERY CURRICULUM to address any learning deficit arising from lockdown and other Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure a robust HOME LEARNING PLAN to provide continuity in the event of individual and group cases of self-isolation.
  • Continue to work to ensure smooth TRANSITION from EYFS to KS1, KS1 to 2, and KS2 to 3. In particular continue to ensure that the curriculum and pedagogy at each of these junctures form a continuous sequence.