Shoeboxes for Heroes

We recently celebrated Armed Forces Day at Redlands and as part of this we decided to take part in 'Shoeboxes for our Heroes'. 

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‘Shoeboxes for our Heroes’ was founded four years ago by Sherian and Chris Webster. Since then, they have sent over 8,000 boxes to our serving troops around the world. 

We are the first school to take part in 'Shoeboxes for our Heroes'. Our boxes will be sent to Afghanistan, Sierra Leone,The Middle East and The Caribbean

 Helen Sharp, a representation of 'Shoeboxes for our Heroes' came to collect the boxes and said;

 "I know how much these boxes are appreciated as my husband is in the armed forces. Some of the soldiers do not get mail and these boxes are a lovely surprise for them."

'Shoeboxes for our Heroes' is a small way in which we, at Redlands Primary School, show our appreciation for the sacrifices and the hard work that the men and women of the British armed forces do.

shoeboxes 3

Gabriel in Class 2 said "I made a box because it is for one of the soldiers. I put in haribo, some cotton buds and space ice cream!" 


Lauren and Charlotte in Class 6 put a letter in their box which said: I hope you enjoy this box of treats. We appreciate everything you do.

shoeboxes 4

 Thank you to all the children, parents and carers who made a box.