Take One Poem Week

We held our first ever ‘Take One Poem’ week which involved a detailed study of a chosen poem, special events and lots of activities based around this poem and other poetry in general. We have chosen this week as it falls in line with National Poetry Day and also our chosen poem links well with this time of year. It also supports our focus on spoken English.


To support our school policy of celebrating our culture, we have chosen William Wordsworth’s poem ‘Daffodils’. 

Daffodils16    Daffodil 12   Daffodils15


We have enjoyed a number of different activities, as well as all class-based work being linked into the poem in some way. 

All children visited Fareham Library with another class, where they enjoyed the poetry books on offer.

Mr Harcombe taught music lessons based on ‘Daffodils’ to all classes. He enjoyed working with all the children and producing some unique musical compositions!

We also hosted an artist, Steve Porter, who worked with all children over 2 days to prodcue our amazing daffodil sculptures which can now be found in our school entrance.

Daffodils14  Daffodils19  Daffodils17  

Finally on Thursday at 3pm, the whole school collected together on the playground and recited the poem to parents and friends of the school. This rounded off an enjoyable and memorable week .


.     Daffodil 11          Daffodil10