School Improvement

Below you will find a summary of this year's strategic school improvement plan. This document outlines the key areas for development that the school is working on this year. Please be aware that this is a summary document and not the full plan. 

Key Improvements 2014-2016: English

  1. To move English teaching from predominantly good to predominantly outstanding by 2015.
  2. Improve spoken grammar and vocabulary as a means of further improving children’s written English in all subjects.
  3. Collate Redlands’ best practice in English in a single volume (Literacy Information Pack) for distribution to all staff to improve in-school consistency. Monitor and evaluate use of the revised Literacy Information Pack to ensure in-school consistency.
  4. Roll out the writing ‘best book,’ trialled in Year 3 / 4, to all classes. All writing in all subjects will be in this book to improve consistency and achievement.

Maintenance tasks

1. Reading for Enjoyment – maintain focus and initiatives throughout school, including book corners and learning environment.

2. Maintain and revise storytelling units as a scaffold for children’s own storytelling and grammar and vocabulary development. 

Key Improvements 2014-2016: Teaching

  1. Extend and integrate outstanding teaching indicators beyond the snapshot of a lesson observation.
  2. Further embed the non-negotiables as a ‘kitemark’ for Redlands practice and use them as criteria for both informal and formal lesson observations.
  3. Continue to share best practice on assessment for learning at the point of learning.
  4. Ensure that all classrooms and classroom routines reflect the highest expectations for teaching and learning.

Overall success criteria

By July 2015 - 100% of teachers achieve at least one outstanding snapshot lesson out of three. 100% of work sampling for individual teachers is outstanding in terms of AfL (mid-year point – no less than 75% outstanding with 25% good) . 100% of planning in core subjects is outstanding. (mid-year point – no less than 75% outstanding with 25% good)

Key Improvements 2014-2016: Mathematics

1. Further improve consistency of expectation, skills progression and subject knowledge of maths through the implementation of Redlands non-negotiables in order to maintain our very high standards.

2. Further improve standards in mental calculation, through the embedding of the more challenging new curriculum recommendations. Accurate mental calculation should be presented as preferable to long / laborious / unnecessary written computation wherever possible.

Maintenance tasks

Mathematics workshops for parents / model lessons for parents working alongside children. 

Key Improvements 2014-2016: Special Educational Needs

  1. To continue to implement, then monitor, evaluate and review the new code of practice for SEND.

Maintenance tasks

Monitor impact of intervention programmes. Observations of teaching assistants (termly)Complete performance management cycle for teaching assistants- ensure that this links to the school improvement plan. 

Key Improvements 2014-2016: Philosophy 4 Children

Priority 1: Train more staff through Sapere to both Level 1 and Level 2 in order to disseminate the learning techniques of P4C into other curriculum areas


Click here to see the Schools Financial Value Standards for 2015/16, which was agreed and signed by the Chair of Governors at the Full Governing Body meeting held on 23rd March 2016.