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What a fantastic year we have had in Year R! We have made lots of memories and had so much fun.  What better way to celebrate our year than with a party! Congratulations to Charlie and Syra for winning the best dressed prize ?



Hahahahaha we got you Lanky Len and Hefty Hew!!!! 
Farmer Brian came back to see us and explained that he had found Daisy but Hefty Hew and Lanky were still on the loose! We decided to make traps. The children worked very hard and later that afternoon we caught Hefty Hew and Lanky Len! We told them that it was the wrong choice to steal The Fine Prize Cow and that they had broken the law. We held a democratic vote and the children decided that they should go to jail! We marched them up to the Office and Mrs Parker called the Fairytale Police.



One of our last jobs, in Year R is care and look after our baby caterpillars that arrived today. In pairs we, carefully added some special nutrient to a little pot and with a thin paintbrush we gently transferred a baby caterpillar into the pot. It is our job to make sure that they are kept healthy, safe and alive. We are all looking forward to watching them grow and change.




Farmer Brian

Farmer Brian came to see us from Longdown Dairy Farm. He told us that Daisy his Fine Prize Cow had been stolen by two men in a big black van!

We're going on a Cow Pat Hunt!

We've been busy helping the Fairytale Police and Farmer Brian track down Daisy, the Fine Prize Cow, and Hefty Hew and Lanky Len. We came back from lunch to find cow pat on our playground. We went on a cow pat hunt! We returned to our classrooms to phone the Fairytale Police who told us to map where we had found the cow pat.




Longdown Activity Farm


We had such a lovely day at the farm! 

We were farmers for the day and were given challenges to complete to help Farmer Kerry and Farmer Brian!

We had to check the chicks were happy and healthy, feed the billy and nanny goats, bottle feed the kids and calves and much more!

Farmer Kerry and Farmer Brian  commented on how polite and well-behaved the children were. Thank you for all those parents who were able to help us.




Pirate Rowell and Pirate Peacock were fighting in our Bikes and Trikes area! We hot seated them and found out that they had had a pirate battle and lost their crew and ships! They were looking for shipmates and asked for volunteers. We wrote to Pirate Rowell and Pirate Peacock asking to be on their crew and explaining why we would be good pirates.

Pirate Rowell and Pirate Peacock invited us to a party to complete our final challenges before we could be on their crew. We had to find the hidden pirates, hunt for the treasure and complete a pirate obstacle course. Congratulations to all the Year R pirates who have completed all their challenges! We celebrated with a pirate picnic with our families.




Big Art


At Redlands we love having fun and getting messy so we invited our parents and carers to join us for some big art!


Art1  Art2

Forest School

In Year R we are very lucky to be able to run a six week forest school programme, working in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust staff at Swanwick lakes.  Forest School is based on the Scandinavian philosophy of outdoor education.  During our time at forest school we took risks and set our own boundaries as to where we thought it was safe and not safe to go. 


Each week we explored our area and looked for seasonal changes. We sawed our own wood to make a necklace and showed great perseverance when hand drilling a hole. We climbed trees, made dens, made clay faces for the trees, went bug hunting, slid down muddy slopes, made swings out of rope and much more!  


As we became more confident we learnt how to make sparks using fire strikers and then we used the sparks to make our own fire.  We made pop corn on the fire and toasted bread ready for snack.  We all had an amazing time and many children have grown in confidence and have become much more aware and interested in the natural world around them. 



The Evil Pea

We came to school to find our snack taped around Class 1 and 2! We were talking about what we were going to do when Banana Petty came in and told us that something small, round and green had stuck her to the wall! We looked at some photographic evidence and decided that it must be the Evil Pea.  We walked around school tracking the Evil Pea's antics, but she was nowhere to be found!

Some of the children decided to make their own super vegetable to help Super Potato save the day.

 Pea1  Pea2  Pea3  Pea4  Pea5



Snow Day!

In true Redlands style we captured the snow today! 

We went outside and had a snowball fight and the built a class snowman.

We all made a snowball and thought about where we could put it in the classroom so that it would melt the fastest. We watched the snowball turn from a solid to a liquid.

Later on, we watched 'The Snowman' and thought about the words we could use to tell the story. We also wrote a line for a class 'Snow is...' poem. What a busy day!!

snowday1   snowday2 
 snowday5   snowday6 
snowday7  snowday8


Fairtrade Week

In Year R we have been learning about our right to have food to keep us healthy. We've been finding out where our food comes from. We met Pablo the Banana and Foncho who grows bananas in Columbia. Pablo told us that he is a special banana because he is Fairtrade. This means that Foncho gets enough money to look after his family so that they are happy and healthy.

We had a Fairtrade breakfast at school and it was lovely to enjoy some delicious porridge with our friends. We chose what we wanted to add to our porridge and paid for it. We also made delicious chocolate crispy cakes! We watched the chocolate melt from a solid to a liquid. We all had a delicious cake and gave some to School Council to sell at the Fairtrade Coffee Morning. Mrs Graves and Mrs Rowell challenged us to spot the Fairtrade symbol next time we go shopping! 

 Fairtrade1   Fairtrade2  fairtrade3   Fairtrade4   Fairtrade5


Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭禧發財
Year R enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year Celebrations.
To kick start the day we boarded our Redlands aeroplane with our tickets ready for our Chinese adventure. The flight was long and tiring, but we were too excited especially as we came into land and could see all the sights of China in the distance.
When we arrived in China we did lots of activities to prepare us for our New Year celebrations. We made Chinese lanterns, red money envelopes and read the story of The Great Chinese Race and found out what year we were born in.
In the afternoon, we had our Chinese banquet and enjoyed trying lots of Chinese food.         
We especially liked the noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers and satay skewers. We all had a go at using chopsticks to eat our food, but it was quite tricky!  
Chinese1  Chinese2 
Chinese3  Chinese4
  Chinese5  Chinese6


Kipper's Birthday

We celebrated Kipper's 5th birthday! We played party games, made a cake for Kipper and had some delicious party food!
Kipper1  Kipper2  Kipper3 Kipper4  Kipper5  Kipper6

Nurse Visit

Mrs Reeves came to see us to talk about her job as a Nurse. She brought a blue light machine and spoke to us about how we can keep our hands clean.

 Nurse1  Nurse2  Nurse3   Nurse4


Mrs Funny Bones

Mrs Funny Bones came to school and asked us to help her find Dog. We looked for Dog calling his name and found lots of his bones. We realised that we were missing some of Dog; his skull, tail bone and some of his ribs! We had so much fun and the children took the learning in lots of different directions. For example, we made some bones using salt dough, Rebecca made a 'Dog glue potion' so we could stick the bones back together, some of the children made maps and posters and Ella-Mai made a collar and lead so Dog wouldn't get lost again.

 Funny1  Funny2  Funny3  Funny4  Funny5  Funny6  Funny7  Funny8  Funny9  Funny10  Funny11  Funny12



Welly Walk

On our Welly Walks some of the children have been interested in birds. We talked about how the ground was getting hard and there was less daylight so it was harder for the birds to find food. We decided it would be a good idea to make some bird feeders. Alfie-Jay told us about the warbler bird which wasn't on our identification cards so he made a warbler card for us. We're excited to see if the birds like our food!


 Wellywalk1   Wellywalk2   Wellywalk3  

 Wellywalk4  Wellywalk5  Wellywalk6


Whatever Next!

We brought our colanders, teddy bears and torches to school today ready to go on our space adventure to the Moon.

We listened to the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and then prepared ourselves to take off to the Moon in our spaceship. We saw huge planets, the sun, which is a great big ball of hot gas, bright, twinkling stars and when we got to the Moon we had to be careful not to fall into a huge crater. Suddenly, we heard alien noises and went in search for them. When we got back to Earth Mummy Bear asked us why we were so dirty and that is because we had whooshed up the chimney to the Moon in our space rockets! 


Space1  Space2   Space3  Space4  Space5 Space7 Space6 



Aliens Love Underpants!

We came back to school to find that Year R had been invaded by aliens! We found alien slime, pants and our bikes and toys in the bushes! When we got into our classrooms we found that our teachers had been turned into aliens who loved underpants!

We didn't think that it was right that the aliens had come to school and made such a mess so we wrote to the Police to tell them all about it.

aliens1   Aliens2  Aliens3  Aliens4  Aliens5


Children in Need

 We had so much fun coming to school in our pyjamas and meeting Pudsey Bear all to raise money for Children in Need.


Pudsey1      Pudsey2



Numeracy Workshop

Thank you to the Parents who were able to attend the Numeracy Workshop. We hope you enjoyed talking about how we teach Number and Shape, Space and Measure in Year R and exploring some of our resources with your child.


Numeracy2       Numeracy3   Numeracy1

Numeracy4   Numeracy5




Thank you to one of our School Governor's Dr.D who came to tell the children about how her and her family celebrate Diwali.


Diwali1        Diwali2     Diwali3



Kim the Lollipop Lady


Kim, the Redlands Lollipop Lady, came to talk to us about how to keep ourselves safe when crossing the road. We practised crossing the road with Kim to help us. Some of the children decided to make their own Lollipops in their play.

    lollypop3    lollypop2      lollypop4    lollypop5


Getting the baby dinosaurs back to Tilly

Tilly wrote us another letter asking us to help her get her eggs and baby dinosaurs back to her island. Some of the children have been writing letters to Tilly and she has been sending letters back to us. 

Lots of the children have been busy making submarines, planes, trains and much more to help Tilly and some of the children have been using the saws to make wheel axels for their vehicles. 

lollypop1    lollypop6

Tilly The T-Rex

When we arrived at school this morning we found some footprints and a letter! The letter was from Tilly the T-Rex she told us that she has been looking for her egg which she lost in Fareham! We wrote to Tilly to tell her not to worry as we were looking after her egg for her. 

 Tillytrex1    Tillytrex2  Tillytrex3    Tillytrex4


Writing workshop

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the writing workshop. We talked about physical development and the importance of talk for writing. The children then joined their parents for some Flipper Flappers and Funky Finger activities. 

Phonics1  Phonics2   Phonics3  Phonics4  Phonics5  Phonics6  Phonics7  Phonics8  Phonics9

Dinosaur Eggs

Tilly the T-Rex wrote us a letter explaining that she had lost some of her eggs. We found some lumpy, brown balls and decided that they might be her eggs. We looked really close and could see something poking out of the eggs...Watch this space!


 Dinosaureggs1  Dinosaureggs2

Autumn leaves

We read the story 'Leaf Man'. We made our own leaf pictures and enjoyed playing in the leaves.

 Autumnleaves2  Autumnleaves3  Autumnleaves4    Autumnleaves6  Autumnleaves1


Phonics Workshop
Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the phonics workshop. The children really enjoyed making their phonic pizzas with you and we hope you have a better understanding of how we teach phonics at Redlands and how you can support your child at home.  Here are a few of your comments.
"Very informative it is useful to know how you are teaching the sounds so we do the same at home."
"Really useful. Great at showing the start of phonics and making fun games out of phonics."
"Great especially info about repeating books, building on story language etc."
We will be publishing videos of sections of the workshop for parents who were unable to attend on Tapestry.

Redlands Reading Regatta

regatta image

Congratulations to all of the children in Year R who were lucky enough to take part in the Redlands Reading Regatta challenge.

The children were invited to read 12 books from Fareham Library over the summer and in the first half term of school. Thank you to Fareham Library and Mrs Oliver for hosting us on a Saturday afternoon to present the certificates and celebrate the children's love of reading.

Regatta1  Regatta2  Regatta 3  Regatta 4        Regatta5  Regatta7  Regatta8    Regatta10  Regatta11 

Regatta12   Regatta13 

Regatta14  Regatta9


Nursery Rhyme Day 2017 

Nursery rhymes are so important for developing early literacy skills so every year at Redlands we have a Nursery Rhyme dress up day. Nursery rhymes help develop children's awareness of rhymes, rhythm and sounds in words.

The children were challenged to practise a favourite nursery rhyme at school ready to perform to the class with some friends. We dressed up as our favourite character can you guess who we are?  We then challenged ourselves to see how many nursery rhymes we could sing in 10 minutes we sang 20 songs!

Nursery Rhyme 2017 1 

Nursery Rhyme 2017 2  Nursery Rhyme 2017 3  Nursery Rhyme 2017 4  Nursery Rhyme 2017 5  Nursery Rhyme 2017 6  Nursery Rhyme 2017 7  Nursery Rhyme 2017 8

 Thank you to all the parents for the wonderful costumes!




Ug-a-lug book

The children have really enjoyed listening to the story ‘UG-A-LUG Four Cavemen and a Prehistoric Pencil’ and it has inspired lots of mark making, particularly with the boys.

The story is about a little boy who loves drawing. One day, he is drawing some cavemen and gives them all names - Colin, Clive, Carlos and Flint. He then goes to get a drink. As he leaves, he accidentally knocks over his pot of pencils. And that's when something amazing happens. One of the pencils drops into his picture, where the cavemen have now come to life!

While Mrs Peacock was reading some of the children started doodling and some of our drawings came to life! Then Alfie-Jay started making marks and said "It says Ug - a - lug - jug that's caveman language." Some of his friends then joined him to make up their own caveman words!

Ugalug1  Ugalug2  Ugalug3  Ugalug4  Ugalug5Ugalug6  Ugalug7

The Great Egg Discovery

We came to school to find an enormous egg!

We were so excited and had so many question. Where did the egg come from? What was going to hatch out of the egg? What did we need to do to look after it?

Lots of the children drew pictures of what they thought might hatch out of the egg. Some children made signs telling other children to be careful and some wrote to Mr Harcombe to tell him all about it!

The Year R team noticed that some of the children were not showing care and concern for the enormous egg we had found so we gave the children their very own hard boiled egg to look after! Some of the children made nests and decorated their eggs.

Egg1  Egg 2  Egg 3  Egg 4  

 Egg 5  Egg 7  Egg 8

Egg 9  Egg 10  Egg 11


We've been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We made diva lamps, chapatis and rangoli patterns. We talked about how some Hindu's decorate their homes and watch fireworks during Diwali. Lots of the children said that they decorated their homes and watched fireworks during celebrations. We talked about how we do not all take part in the same celebrations. We made up our own story called 'The Runaway Chapati'. Miss Tenters and Mrs Petty were the chapatis and we chased them around the field! 

Diwali 1  Diwali 2  Diwali 3

Diwali 4  Diwali 5  Diwali 6

Diwali 7


The children really enjoyed their first PE session. Pedro the PE Bear helps us get changed and comes to PE with us.  

PE 1  PE 2  PE 3  PE 4  PE 5  PE 6

PE 7

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood came to see us! She told us that when she arrived at Granny's she saw something with two pointy ears, grey fur, massive blue eyes and a long bushy tail running out the back door. When she got inside she found jelly beans, crisps and cake wrappers! The children thought it might be the Big Bad Wolf so we went on a wolf hunt around school. When we got back to Year R we made posters to tell the rest of the school about the Big Bad Wolf. We also talked about how the wolf was not making a very good choice by eating lots of sweets.

Red Riding 4   Red Riding 3

We made some bread for Granny to make her feel better. The children tried onion, olives, tomato and cheese to see what they would like to add to their bread. We had to use our muscles to knead our bread it was very tiring, but it was worth it when we got to eat our delicious bread! 

Red Riding 1  Red Riding 2

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We came to school to find a crime scene! We found a broken chair and lots of clues.

 Goldilocks 3

Goldilocks came to see us and she was crying! She told us that she did eat the porridge, she did sleep in the bed but she didn't break the chair!! Goldilocks told us that Baby Bear didn't believe her. Some of the children spotted a red cape in the crime scene and decided that it was Little Red Riding Hood who broke the chair.

The children wrote to Baby Bear to tell him that Goldilocks didn't break the chair and she wanted to be friends again. 

     Goldilocks 2  Goldilocks 1

Making the porridge taste just right! 28.09.2017

We made some porridge and thought about how we were going to make it taste just right. We chose whether we wanted to add jam, honey, lemon, chocolate or sugar to our porridge. We put our thumbs up or down depending on whether we liked it or not. Some of us tried adding lemon but we did not like it so we added something sweeter instead.

 Porridge 1Porridge 2

The Redlands biscuit bake-off!

This week lots of the children have been enjoying the play dough in Year R and Ellie asked if we could make some real biscuits that we could eat!

We love cooking (and eating!) in Year R so we had a numicon biscuit bake off!

playdough1 playdough3 playdough2  

The children put their muscles to use creaming the butter and the sugar and rolling the dough. We then used the numicon plates to make our biscuit shapes and counted the currants we needed to go on top. They were delicious!


Our first week at Redlands

We've had such a lovely first week at school. The children have settled in really well and are enjoying exploring their new environment.

Some of the children have been very interested in minibeasts, particularly spiders. The children have been making spiders, spiders webs and writing messages to ask the spiders to come and see them. Incy Wincy even came to school and trapped Charlie, our monkey, in his web! 

Yr R 1  Yr R 7  Yr R 6  Yr R 2   Yr R 3   Yr R 4   Yr R 5   


We are really proud of how well the children have settled during our induction programme and how excited they are to come to Redlands!

We had five Rhymes at Redlands sessions where parents came with their children for stories, rhymes and singing.

Rhymes at Redlands 1  Rhymes at Redlands 2  Rhymes at Redlands 4  Rhymes at Redlands 5 Rhymes at Redlands 3 Rhymes at Redlands 7  Rhymes at Redlands 6  

We really enjoyed visiting the children individually at Pre-School and when we returned to Starfish and Little Angels for a Dough Disco session.

dough gym 4

dough gym 1  dough gym 2  dough gym 3  

The Stay and Play sessions helped the children get to know their new teachers, classrooms and outside areas. The children came to play with their parents, pre-school and then on their own whilst their parents got to know each other over a cup of tea.  

stay and play 1  stay and play 2  stay and play 3  stay and play 5  stay and play 4  stay and play 6 stay and play 8 stay and play 9  stay and play 7 

Teddy Bears picnic 1  Teddy Bears picnic 2  Teddy Bears picnic 3

Thank you to the parents and children who made us feel so welcome at the home visits it was great to see you and the children again before starting school.  We can't wait to see all your lovely children next week!

home visit 1  home visit 2  home visit 3