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Design their own photo frames

In D.T. we have designed and made our own photo frames. We enjoyed examining different types of frame before deciding what we wanted our frames to look like. Measuring the wood accurately was quite tricky as the ruler seemed to move! Sawing the wood was fun as was deciding on the decoration.

Here are some examples:

3-4 picture frames

Bollywood dance

As part of our P.E. we have been learning Bollywood style dancing! Using “Jai Ho” from the film Slumdog Millionaire, we learn the four basic moves and incorporated these into our routine.


Year 3/4 explore the Pillowcase Project

We were asked by the British Red Cross if we would like to be a pilot school in their Pillowcase Project. This started as a result of Hurricane Katrina when people arrived at the emergency centres with pillowcases as they were the closest thing to hand.

We learnt about possible natural disasters, how to protect ourselves and discussed what we would need to take with us in our pillowcases. The children then decorated their pillowcases before taking them home to share with family and friends.

Pillowcase project

It was a really useful project and gave us plenty to think about – thanks to the British Red Cross for arranging it.

Year 3/4 trip to Hillers Gardens

Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic time at Hilliers Gardens last week. We got the chance to create our own smelly caterpillars by picking our own herbs, creating our own 2D and 3D art from the resources we could find around us and getting the chance to look at tropical plants that grow in unusual parts of the world. We couldn’t believe how big some of the leaves were! 

Hillier Gardens


The Borrowers

This term we have been reading “The Borrowers “ by Mary Norton. The children have enjoyed thinking about what life must be like if you are that small. To help with this, we asked everyone to make a Borrowers home for homework.

Here is a small selection of them, we are sure that you will agree that they are fantastic!



Our Celebration of Spring

This afternoon was our second Celebration of Spring! We had everything crossed that it wouldn’t rain and we were lucky! It rained during lunch and then stopped. Parents arrived in coats and with umbrellas but before long everyone was sitting in T-shirts.

The dances were great as was the singing! Our drama performing “The Owl and the Pussy-cat” was amazing! Evie and Megan confidently acted as comperes throughout.

Afterwards we all sat in the sunshine and enjoyed our afternoon tea; the scones that some of us had made the previous day at Fareham Academy were delicious! Thanks to everyone for providing such tasty treats.

3 4  Celebration of Spring 2017

Parents talking about their jobs

In PSHE Y3/4 have been looking at different jobs and the skills required to do them. By thinking about the skills and qualities of different jobs we have thought about what we might like to do in the future – so far we have had historian, archaeologist, volcanologist, nurse, teacher, scientist and superhero! We invited parents in to come and talk about their jobs; they were very different and fascinating and certainly gave us lots to think about.

Here are some photos of us with the parents – a huge thank you to everyone who was able to come in and talk to us!

Year 3 4 - jobs

Roman Day

Veni, Vidi et vici!

Year 3 4 enjoyed a fabulous Roman day – or two days really.

Day 1 we discovered that some of our names are Roman and that many of the letters are reversed to the ones we use today.  We did some Latin and  learnt family names, how to say “hello”, “goodbye” and “My name is” as well as how to read Roman numerals and tell the time. It was fun working out the different numbers from the 7 symbols the Romans used.

Day 2 we dressed up as Romans, made Roman chariots using junk materials and construction kits. Later we had a Roman banquet tasting food that the Romans would have had. Bread dipped in honey was especially popular!

Then we sat outside to finish our book – Romans on the Rampage! All in all a great time!

A huge thank you to parents for their support with this!

Here are some photos to show you:

Roman Day 2017 1

Roman Day 2017 2

Class 6’s Optical Art

We went outside with IPads and created our own art optical illusions. It was great fun!

optical art 3


Optical art in Year 3 /4

For art this term we have been looking at optical art. It has been fascinating exploring how to create different illusions by just using lines and shade. We loved seeing our images grow!

optical art 1

As part of this we went outside and worked in groups of three with the IPads to create our own optical art photos. Here are some for you to enjoy!

optical art 2

Gymnastics competition at Henry Cort

Well done to Elizabeth, Isabel, Ruben and Finlay for coming 2nd in the gymnastics competition on Monday. They did so well and performed their floor and vault routine impeccably. 

Gym comp 3 4

Roman Artefacts

To kick start our topic on the Romans, we got the chance to look at a range of artefacts. After working out what the objects could have been used for and how they were made, we began to infer what this may tell us about the Romans.

Roman Artefacts

Year 3 went to Swanwick

Whilst Year 4 were at Stubbington, Year 3 went to Swanwick Lakes to look at different types of light. They had a great time building the darkest den, being a magpie and finding shiny objects and lighting fires. 

Swanwick 2017

Year 4 Residential to Stubbington Study Centre

The Year 4 children had a fabulous week in January on their residential. They took part in environmental activities such as shelter building, creating rock pools and the earthquake assault course. They worked on the 3 principles of respect, responsibility and teamwork.

Stubbington 2017

Carol singing at Parker Meadows – 15th December

To celebrate Christmas we visited our neighbours at Parker Meadows to do some carol singing with the residents. We enjoyed sharing some traditional ones as well more modern ones. Thank you to those parents who helped to accompany us.

Carol singing 2016

Erupting volcanoes

As part of our Volcanoes and Earthquakes topic, we made our own volcanoes using papier mâché and made them erupt by mixing bicarbonate of soda, malt vinegar and red food colouring.


Stone Age Day 9th December

To celebrate our topic about The Stone Age we held a Stone Age day. We did cave painting using charcoal, made clay pots and built Stonehenge! Later our parents and friends came to visit our museum about the Stone Age.

Stone Age Day 2016 

Butser Ancient Farm - 18th November

To launch our study of The Stone Age the whole year group visited Butser Ancient Farm. To help us understand how difficult life would have been, the weather was really cold! Lunch was sat beside the open fire in one of the houses; we appreciated the warmth although we all smelt of wood smoke afterwards!

Butser Trip 16

During the day we were archaeologists, made cordage, tried chalk carving and made a fence weaving willow branches. It was great fun and helped us to appreciate what life might have been like for the Stone Age people.

Egg Challenge

This afternoon we had a very eggciting time as we completed the “egg challenge”! Everyone got into groups and was given an egg. This was to be dropped from the top of the climbing frame by Mrs Todd to make sure that it was a fair test. We selected 6 items to use – there was a choice of bubble wrap, cardboard, polystyrene chips, string, yoghurt pots, plastic boxes, foam tubing and other “junk” bits. We were really pleased at how many of our eggs remained intact.

Egg challenge

 Not all stayed safe! Oops! Everyone had a great time though!

Egg challenge2

Rocks, rocks and more rocks!

rocks1 rocks2


To link in with this terms project of 'Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes', each chiuld in Year 3/4 were given a rock to take home over the summer holiday and asked to make something using it. A fantastic effort was made by all the children as you can see from these photos, with so much variety and obviously some very hard work. They have shown imagination to create such pieces from just a boring rock! We have made a display of all the children's work outside the library.

rocks4 rocks6 rocks7  

Well done to Year 3/4 

River Ober trip

Year 3/4 went to the River Ober in the New Forest, to see the real features that we had been learning about in class.

The river was flowing quite fast after all the rain from the last few weeks, but luckily for us the sun shone some of the time and we had a great day.

Of course this we had to get in the river to see the features first hand.  

River2016 4  River2016 2  River2016 1

We measured the speed by timing our sticks when we played pooh sticks in the small tributary.  We found that the different depths of the river made our stick's speed change at the meander and we looked for signs of erosion and deposition. Later we finished the day with some great sketches of the river.

River2016 7  River2016 6  River2016 9

It was a shame we didn't see any ponies, but perhaps our games at lunch time scared them off!

River2016 5  River2016 8  River2016 3

We all took spare set of clothes, as some of us were bound to get wet, and we did! But unfortunately  Miss Ellis found she had a hole in her wellie and had to throw it away.


Making a Playground River

We used a hose, a pile of soil and sand and a slope to make our own mini river in the playground. After labelling the river we will now be able to recognise them when we visit the River Ober.

Year 3 4 rivers 

Celebration of Spring

On Friday 6th May Years 3 and 4 presented our first “Celebration of Spring”. Each class learnt a traditional dance and performed this to our families and friends in the warm Spring sunshine, we were really lucky with the weather. We also sang some traditional songs before enjoying an afternoon tea of scones, cakes and biscuits. He scones were made by a group of children the previous day at Fareham Academy in their cooking area and were especially delicious with cream and jam! Everyone had a great time and our hard work learning both the dances and songs was worthwhile

Celebration of Spring 008  Celebration of Spring 011

  Celebration of Spring 036  Celebration of Spring 049

Celebration of Spring 013  Celebration of Spring 040  



Classrooms raided!

Children in classes 6, 7 and 8 were shocked on Thursday morning when they arrived to see their classrooms had been ransacked by someone or something. Chairs were tipped over; highlighters and felt tips were thrown across the normally tidy rooms. One child thought that they had seen a Viking longboat on Fareham Creek on the way to school – could they possibly be the culprits? Someone else said that they thought it might have been an earthquake the previous evening as they thought that they had felt a tremor. Someone else wondered if a fox could have caused such destruction?

Year 3 4 raid

Closer inspection revealed some clues – strange messages were left which translated as “Hello” and “thank you”, there were pictures of shields and some rune stones as well as a paper clip with a hair attached. The children are continuing to investigate.

If anyone has any information please contact the Year 3 /4 team.

Year 4 visit to fareham Academy

All the year 4s were invited to Fareham Academy for a multi skills challenge, on Thursday.

DSCF4437  DSCF4444  DSCF4445  DSCF4452


Everyone displayed brilliant beahviour and great team spirit.

DSCF4461  DSCF4462  DSCF4465 

DSCF4466  DSCF4467  DSCF4470  DSCF4473

 Despite not winning against other scholols all children had a fabulous time. and agreed it was a great way to keep fit. 

 Shakespeare Week 

We had an amazing week!

On Monday we looked at Shakespeare’s life and completed a timeline of major events in his life. It was strange finding out about someone who lived 400 years ago but still has an impact today. Then we read the story of Macbeth and created our own storyboard of this to use later in the week. The story was exciting and we enjoyed discussing it with our friends.

The following days we designed and made our own finger puppets to use with our Globe Theatres that we also made, we focused on the opening speech and got into groups of threes, each of us learned a part to recite with great expression.

shakespeare week 3-4 2  shakespeare week 3-4 18  shakespeare week 3-4 4  shakespeare week 3-4 17 

shakespeare week 3-4 16  shakespeare week 3-4 3  shakespeare week 3-4 15  shakespeare week 3-4 14

Continuing with the witches theme, we looked at the “Double, double toil and trouble” scene and went outside to create our own potions using natural materials, there was amber and ruby water to add which made the potions complete! Next we wrote our own spells using rhyming couplets like Shakespeare.

shakespeare week 3-4 24  shakespeare week 3-4 9 

 shakespeare week 3-4 23  shakespeare week 3-4 19

On Friday we worked with Titchfield Festival Theatre which was fun and showed talents we didn’t know existed! We also dressed up as a Shakespearean character, we looked fantastic! Finally we finished with a Tudor feast, a great end to a brilliant week!

shakespeare week 3-4 11  shakespeare week 3-4 12 

 shakespeare week 3-4 7  shakespeare week 3-4 8


Art in the Woods

We studied Andy Goldsworthy, he always uses natural materials to make his 3D structures. We went to the woods to collect the materials and came back to make the sculptures in the school grounds.

Art13 3-4   Art12 3-4 

 Art11 3-4  Art5 3-4     

 Art3 3-4  Art1 3-4  Art4 3-4 

 Art6 3-4  Art8 3-4  

Art7 3-4


Oral Story Telling

We learnt the story of St George and the dragon and then used actions and drama to bring the story to life! Each class had a mini competition to select the best three versions of the story and then these were performed to the whole year group. We all had evaluation sheets and graded the performances out of 5 across a range of criteria – it was tricky deciding on the winner as they were all great but in different ways.

Well done to everyone for taking part – you were fantastic and very brave performing in such of a discerning audience!

The overall winners were: Anais, Grace, Hannah and Jack. 

We hope you enjoy their story.


The end of the first week challenege...

Materials:  1 sheet of newspaper,

                 30cm of sellotape and

                 1 pair scissors.

Challenge: to build a tower to hold a pritt stick.

Class 8 were set a challenge to build the tallest tower, that was able to hold a pritt stick using only newspaper, sellotape and scissors.  There was a lot of frustraion but also great fun whilst attempting to complete it.

We learnt that tallest is not always the best, and that a wide base and support is necessary.

tower challenge 1   tower challenge 2   tower challenge 3 

 tower challenge 4   tower challenge 5

Well done to the winning team of Molly, Oliver and Jake whose tower was 15 cm tall.

tower challenge 6   tower challenge 7



Working with children’s author Judy Waite 

Judy Waite pic   For the final few weeks of the Summer Term, four lucky Year 4 children had the opportunity to work with children’s author Judy Waite. Judy has written more than 40 books in her career and is also a creative writing specialist at the University of Winchester. The children worked with Judy to develop their imaginative writing skills and produced some super work. They presented their learning to the whole year group, clearly explaining the processes they been through to develop their writing. We were thrilled to take a ride on a magic carpet, learn about imagination pebbles, see some interesting props and prompts and to listen some of their character profiles. Well done to all the children involved and a huge thank you to Judy Waite for working with our school.

 In KS2, many of us have been enjoying Judy’s books. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Fun Fear’, ‘Scare Bear’, ‘Pup Idol’ and ‘House of Secrets’. Did you find the sneaky links between the books?

Judy Waite books

Judy has also developed the website  which is a brilliant resource for improving your writing skills. 


Our Afrrican Week - 8th - 12th June

This week, Year 3/4 have been participating in a range of activities around the topic of African animals.

We started off by researching an animal of our choice for homework then learnt more about them as the week went on. Did you know that a porcupine could kill a lion with a single quill?  Or that an elephant has around 100,000 different muscles in its trunk?

This topic has provided us with lots of fun learning and we would like to share with you some of our best work from this week:


We used pictures of African animals and jumbled them up to make a new species. We then used our descriptive skills to annotate our work so that we can use it for literacy next week. Some of our designs were extremely funny!

Can you guess which animals Liam and Poppy (class 6) used to make these creatures? 

african art


Class 7, have been writing poetry about African animals. We decided to write following the structure of Charles Causley’s poem: ‘A Poem by Numbers’ because we liked the rhyming couplets and thought we could make the animals do a list of crazy things!

Here is a poem created by Dylan, Joe H, Joe E, Emily S and Emily M:

african animal riddle 1


We also wrote riddles and challenged each other to guess which animal we were giving clues for. Can you guess what animal Ashton and Dylan (class 7) were describing?

african animal riddle 2

Adire Art

Adire cloth is patterned with blue and white symbols that represent nature. It originates from Nigeria. This week we created our own with symbols to represent African animals. Here are some successful pieces from Tia, Ben and the rest of class 8:

african adira art

Junk Modelling:

To finish the week off, we had a go at some junk modelling. Thank you to everyone that sent in their ‘junk’ – the children recycled it to make some wonderful creations! Here are some designs from Lydia, Ellie M and Rosie (class 7):

african junk modelling



In Year 3/4, our PSHE topic for the past half term has been ‘People and Their Work’.  As part of this topic, we have been learning about the different job roles that may be available when the children leave education. On Tuesday 19th May, we were lucky enough to be visited by some parents that work in the local area to tell us more about their roles in the community. We were visited by: 

PSHE visitor1                                    PSHE visitor2




Mr Mitchell

Police Community Support Officer


Mrs Deane



PSHE visitor3


PSHE visitor4




Mrs Salerno

Business Development Manager 


Mr Hyde

Train Guard

Each visitor gave a presentation about their role in the community before the children had chance to interview them to find answers to questions they had prepared. The children really enjoyed the event and were excited to talk about and share what they had learnt. Thank you to our visitors for making this possible. 


More Borrowers

Over the summer term, Year 3/4 have been enjoying reading ‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton and have completed lots of fun learning activities based on this. On Wednesday 13th May, to celebrate the children’s fantastic work and the end of the story, children were invited to bring their parents to a movie night where we gathered in the hall and watch ‘The Borrowers’ film. Thank you to everyone that attended - we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did!  Borrowers film night


Check out this video made by some aspiring actors in Class 7 re-enacting part of The Borrowers story.


Trip to Fareham - 15th May 2015

On Friday 15th May we spent the day in Fareham looking at 'what Fareham is'.  We surveyed members of the public in the town to find out what one word they would use to describe Fareham, visited Westbury Manor Museum and also did some sketching of the area around Bath Lane and the creek.  We had a fantsatic time and thankfully the weather stayed dry.  A huge thank you to all parents who helped out because without your support these trips are not possible.

Fareham trip1 Fareham trip4 Fareham trip2 Fareham trip3 Fareham trip5


Borrowers1 Borrowers2 Borrowers3 Borrowers4

The Borrowers


Our Easter homework was based on the book 'The Borrowers' which will be the focus of our Literacy unit this term.  The book is about little tiny people (the Borrowers) who live under the floorboards of a human's house.  They borrow items they find to furnish their own rooms eg. cotton reels for stools, stamps for pictures etc. and pupils were asked to create their own 'Borrower' room, thinking carefully about what they could use to provide furniture for the little people.


We were amazed by the creativity and ingenuity shown by everyone and would like to share some of them here.


This event will culminate in a family film night when pupils and parents/carers will be able to come into school to share their child's work and to watch the film of The Borrowers.

Borrowers23 Borrowers22
Borrowers7 Borrowers13 Borrowers17 Borrowers25
Borrowers10 Borrowers24 Borrowers16 Borrowers19




Stubbington Study Centre - Year 4 Residential Trip             2nd March - 6th March 2015


Our Year 4's had a fantastic time at the annual Stubbington Study Centre Residential trip. 


Year 3 Trip to Swanwick Nature Reserve

The Year 3’s went to Swanwick Nature Reserve while the Year 4’s were at Stubbington. We were thinking about Light in science so we did lots of activities that supported our learning. The wardens at the centre, Dawn and Jess, organised the activities and helped to keep us safe, interested and learn as much as possible.

swanwick 2015 2


In groups, we collected sticks and stones and made our own compasses using shadows that we tracked during the day. We did a treasure hunt and had to find shiny objects that were cleverly hidden in the woods and trees. We used equipment that made sparks and we burnt cotton wool! This took a while but we all managed it!  swanwick 2015  1


Our favourite activity was den making. Using anything we could find in the woods, we made dens in groups. The inside of the den had to be as dark as possible. We measured the amount of light using a special light meter to see which group’s den was the best. It was great fun for everyone- including the adults!


At lunchtime we had a challenge to produce the least amount of waste as possible. We learnt about recyclable materials and how we need to look after our resources and be more responsible about what we throw away.


We had a fantastic day. The adults that came with us were great, we had a lot of fun and we all slept well!