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      Newsletter 15th September 2017                                                                              


Fairthorne Manor Information

Visit to Staunton Country Park


Year 1 / 2 have been making Habitats in class.


Habitat1     Habitat2  Habitat3

Weeks 3 and 4 

This week in English, we have started to look at writing in role as Beegu in order to complete our diary entries. First, we look at some diary examples and found the features of a diary. Then, we made our Beegu hats. We discussed some interesting questions that we might like to ask Beegu and got into role and tried to answer the questions the children had asked. At the end of the week we began to plan our diaries.

 Beegu 1-2

In Maths, we have been learning about addition. We have been solving addition problem using concrete objects and number lines. Year 2 have been looking at addition on an unstructured numberline.

Maths 1-2

Weeks 1 and 2

The past two weeks have been great. The children have settled in well and they are enjoying being in their new classes with their new teachers.

At the start of the week, a spaceship crashed landed in the KS1 playground. The crash site, was surrounded by some strange yellow footprints that lead back into the bushes. We were confused! Who could this be? In class, we looked at the story of Beegu. We looked at and talked about the front cover and some of us predicted what we thought might happen in the story. After we enjoyed reading the book, we made a role on the wall and discussed Beegu’s feelings and personality. The next day, we continued to build up our knowledge on Beegu’s character using other information that we could draw from the book. 

 Spaceship 1

In Maths this week, we have been looking at number and place value. We have been learning to make amounts using concrete and pictorial representation. Year 2 have focussed on partitioning numbers into tens and ones using the dienes to support.

Maths 1

In our Science lessons, we have been learning about materials. We began by sorting objects according to their materials and then described their properties. We looked around the school identifying different objects and their properties and recorded these in a table.

science 1


Well done to all the Year 2 children. They have been working incredibly hard in their SATs this week.

We have been looking at different plants, flowers and trees in our local environment. This week their spellings are linked with the words they have been learning in science.

Beans growing - Y12

The children have been setting up investigations about growing a healthy plant or flower. They have been experimenting with soil type, water, air and sunlight. They will be making regular observations of their plants in their plant diary.

During this time, they will be using their maths skills to use a ruler to measure the height of their plant, the data logger to record the amount of light the plants are receiving accurately and cameras to record daily what is happening.

KS1 Trip to Staunton Country Park

Following our Science topic of ‘animals’, we spent a day at Staunton Country Park. We saw llamas, pigs, ducks, goats, guinea pigs and even got to cuddle the baby lambs! Some of us were lucky enough to see a lamb just seconds after it was born, while others were trying hard to find a way out of the maze. Those of us who were brave enough held giant cockroaches! It was a fun-filled day, full of new experiences for some, but memorable for all. Some of us were so worn-out that we fell asleep on the coach home!

1-2 Staunton pics

Diwali Day 2016

On Friday 4th November years 1 and 2 learnt all about Diwali. Each class made some barfi sweets which were delicious and so easy to make! 

diwali 1-2 1

They all had a go at some Indian dancing learning lots of new moves.

diwali 1-2 2

We were especially lucky to have visitor come in and talk to us about the traditions of Diwali and show us how to wear a sari.

diwali 1-2 3

In addition, every child helped to make a vegetable curry. Everyone had a great time making Diwali cards and Rangoli patterns throughout the day.

diwali 1-2 4

 Year 2 Civic Awards

The Year 2's have spent the past term working towards their Civic Awards.  There are three parts to the award -

Service - carrying out jobs at home and school,

Hobbies - taking up a new hobby or continuing with an existing one

Themed Day - planning a theme day for everyone to enjoy - this year the Year 2's opted to do a Magic Theme Day and invited the year 1's to join them in dressing up, making marshmallow spiders, mixing up potions and learning new magic tricks.

Mrs Holmes presented them with their certificates in a special assembly, which even inlcuded some magic tricks!


Civic award 2016

Redlands Chicks

Years 1 and 2 were excited for the opportunity to incubate and hatch their very own chicks. In Science, each class learnt about the inside of the egg and the life cycle of a chicken. Chickens eggs have a 21 day incubation period. Whilst we were waiting for the chicks to grow inside the egg we candled them to check if there was a chick inside. Candling is when you hold a torch up to the egg to see inside the egg. We were able to see the embryo’s developing inside.

chicks1  chicks5  chicks4

It was very exciting when the chicks eventually hatched! We learnt how to care for them and in our English lessons we wrote instructions about how to do this.

chicks2  chicks3  chicks6  chicks7


Africa Day

To round off our African Topic, Year 1/2 held their own Africa Day.

The children came into school dressed in brightly coloured clothes, sampled some foods from the book we had been reading, 'Handa's Surprise' and finished the day by sharing our African Dancing with parents and friends who came to watch.

Year 1/2 Jungle Room

Jungle3 Jungle2 Jungle12

Thank you to all the children and parents who spent time creating props for our jungle room. All your hard work has paid off and it looks fantastic.

Jungle10 Jungle4 jungle7





Sunflowers activity