Here at Redlands, we are lucky to have a dedicated library space with over 9000 books. Books are bought each year and we also borrow books from Hampshire School Library Service to which we subscribe annually, to keep our library up to date. Children start to use the library when they join us in Reception. Even at this early stage, children are responsible for scanning out their own books and scanning them again when they are returning them. This gives the children a good starting point as they move further up the school. Each class had a timetabled session in the library during the week and they can change their books when they need to. There is a team of Year 6 pupils who are Library Monitors and come to the library twice a week during their lunch hour to help with keeping the library tidy and looking through the books for any in need of repair. We use a web based programme in the library called Junior Librarian. This is a site that can be accessed at home with a password should you have access to the internet.

What can you do with Junior Librarian?

  • Search all the books in our school library and reserve ones you wish to read.

  • Access to free ebooks

  • ‘Who Next’ – recommended titles for your child based on what they have read.

  • Use the app on your mobile phone and tablet - Click here for more info.

  • Write reviews to share with the whole school on books you have enjoyed!


library quoteBelow are some great websites all about children’s books and reading! is a website produced by an independent bookshop. It has lots of information on new books as well as favourite authors for you to look up. Lots of information from your local library. It has details for events and competitions as well as recommended reads.