How You Can Get Involved

At Redlands we value the contribution which parents/carers and the local and wider community make to the development of our children. We are always looking for opportunities to develop our involvement with the local community. If you would like to become involved in school life, here are some of the ways you can:

reading hero

  • Become a Reading Hero

We are looking for superheroes….

Don’t worry - you don’t need to dress up in tights and wear a cape – and we really would prefer it if you didn’t!  But you can be a hero.

The most important thing people can do to help children succeed is to hear them read.  Involvement in children’s reading and learning is more important than anything else in helping them to fulfill their potential.  So what we need are everyday ordinary people who can make a difference by sparing some time to hear children read. 

We are asking for people to spare between 30 minutes and 1 hour of your time and for you to do this at least once a week.  It will need to be the same time every week so the children can get into a routine and look forward to their ‘slot’ of reading time with you, but can be any time of the day; whenever is good for you. You only need to commit to a term (September-December) and then you can see how you feel about carrying on.

Before you start, there will be a session when you can sit down over a cup of tea and training will be provided on how to best support the children you will hear read. If you have done it before then you can start straight away! And if you would prefer, you can state which class you would rather be with too. Please complete the form, even if you spoke to one of us at the end of last year.

You don’t need special powers; everybody can share a book with a child.  But when you hear children read you are making huge difference.


  • School trips

Throughout the children’s time at Redlands they have the opportunity to visit some exciting places to enhance their learning and have fun! Examples include visiting the Tower of London, Longdown Dairy Farm, Portchester Castle and many more. We wouldn’t be able to provide these experiences without our kind volunteers. We are always looking for parents and members of the community to lend a hand.


  • Friends of Redlands

The Friends of Redlands continually organise social and fund raising events during the year, making very positive contributions to the life of the school. These include: School disco, Winter and Summer fete, raffles, Secret Santa presents, refreshments during sports days, colouring competitions, Easter Bunny Bounce…. and much more!

Money is raised which is used to enhance the education of our children, but, more importantly, parents, teachers, governors, pupils and others have worked together with a common purpose. In doing so, closer, co-operative relationships have been developed which benefit the school as a whole.

The Friends of Redlands is run by an elected committee, which welcomes the involvement of parents and the local community both as committee members and occasional volunteers.


  • Something to Share

We believe that our community is a rich resource which can be used to enhance the children’s learning. If you have an interesting occupation, talent or skill we would love to hear all about it. 

In the past  we have had visits from: 

Mrs Nash, a geologist, who spoke to Year 3/4 about the formation of fossils during their Science topic.

Kim, the Lollipop Lady, who spoke to Year R about how to cross the road safely.

Mr Cull, a retired Police Detective, who spoke to Year 5/6 about how crime and punishment has changed over time and many more...


  • Lending a hand

If you simply have half an hour to spare from time to time and would to help with resourcing and other activities, we would love to hear from you. 

If you would like to express an interest in helping in any of the above or if you would like to find out some more information, please telephone the Office.