Will my child be given homework?
{showhide parameter1="value1" boolparameter1=true boolparameter2=false}We believe that homework forms an important part of the teaching and learning process. It should form a link between home and school, support the taught curriculum and raise standards of achievement. We aim to increase the amount of homework as the child proceeds through the school. We believe that this encourages children to develop self-discipline through independent study. It also helps to prepare them for secondary education.

Homework is set at Redlands within a clear framework so that pupils, parents and teachers know exactly what is expected. Reading, sometimes not regarded as “proper homework” is often the most valuable homework for primary age children. Ten to twenty minutes reading with an interested adult is a very rewarding experience for all children. Older children may want to read to themselves or hear a younger brother or sister read. Please contact the school for recommended books. According to each child’s needs and abilities, homework will be set as outlined below.

At Key Stage 1 children are expected to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day on homework. Homework will involve: reading, spelling, maths work (including learning times tables), work in other subjects. For example, children may be asked to visit the local library to find information.

At Key Stage 2 the time will increase as the child progresses from year 3 to year 6. Homework will involve: completion of homework diaries, reading and book reviews, spelling, maths (including learning times tables), work linked to other subjects and research.

While homework is important we also recognise that children (and parents) need time for recreation and this needs to be protected. Children need time to be children. Please contact the school if you are having difficulty with the amount (too much or too little) of homework set. Further details are contained in our policy, which is available from the school office. {/showhide}

How can parents help?

{showhide parameter1="value1" boolparameter1=true boolparameter2=false}It is our belief that children are always most successful when they know that parents and teachers are working together in their best interest. We hope that parents will become fully involved in the life of the school. We are always pleased to see you, whether it is to discuss a matter of concern, spend some time seeing what is happening at Redlands or lending a helping hand.

We value your positive support in everything we do. We hope that you will spend time sharing books with your child at home, see that homework is done carefully and on time and encourage your child to visit the local library regularly. If you have time to spare, we would welcome your help in school.

We offer adult learning sessions to help parents with their child’s learning. Look out for details in our regular newsletters.

Samples of your child’s work will be sent home to you each term in the Record of Educational Achievement known as the RED book. This will contain reports, reviews and samples of your child’s best work each term. You will always be invited to comment on the work. We hope that you will spend some time looking through it before each Parents’ Evening. At the end of your child’s stay at Redlands this book will be sent home for you to keep.