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Harvest - where did your donations go?

On the 29th September we went to Fareham basics bank to deliver the Redlands harvest donations. We were greeted by Phil, the chair of the trustees. He gave us a tour of the Basics Bank and explained how people receive the donated food. Phil explained that people need to get a voucher in order to use the Basics Bank, the vouchers can be given out by doctors, social workers, school nurses and other professionals. Not only can people get food, they are also given toiletries, nappies, cleaning products and other essential items.

IMG 9297  IMG 9299  IMG 9300

160,000 cans of food are given out each year and last year the Basics Bank helped 4,000 local people. The donated food is sorted according to use by date by unpaid volunteers.

IMG 9303  IMG 9306 

IMG 9304  IMG 9305  IMG 9307

Thank you for your donations, it was really interesting to find out where your donations went and how they are used. It is good to know that the food we donated will help families in our community.

Well done to everyone at Redlands!

Tom Ozanne- Head Boy and  Emily Mitchell- Head Girl.