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Our Role

What are Governors?
It is a legal requirement to have a Governing Body, which has specific duties, powers and responsibilities. Governors receive no payment for their duties and can only act as a body (not as individuals). They formally meet at school each half term, with sub-committees meeting at other times. The Headteacher is a member of the Governing Body. Minutes of the Governors Meetings are available in the school office and on this website, together with a full list of current Governors.

What do Governors do?

  • Decide how the school budget is allocated in consultation with the Headteacher and help to monitor how it is spent.
  • Help to decide what is taught.
  • Set standards of behaviour.
  • Interview and select staff; establish school policies and review and revise them on aregular basis.
  • Decide what should be included in the school strategic plan.
  • Act as a “critical friend” to support and challenge the school
  • All Governors are expected to involve themselves regularly and as fully as possible in allschool activities. Governors make an annual report to parents, which is discussed at aspecial open meeting in the Autumn Term.

Why are parents on the Governing Body?

Parent Governors bring the views of parents to the Governing Body, but they should not bethought of as delegates. They make sure that all communications with parents are both informative and easy to read, describe the activities in everyday language and avoid the use of jargon. Parent Governors will listen to parents’ opinions, however, they will normally discuss problems only after these have been discussed with the Headteacher.

How can I become a Governor?

Ask the Headteacher for details.