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School Rules

School Rules

Our rules are easy to remember and cover every eventuality. At Redlands we:

Keep hands and feet to ourselves
• Take care of our own and other people’s property
• Follow directions immediately
• Talk politely and show consideration
• Walk sensibly in the school
How does the school encourage good behaviour?

Children learn best in a safe, orderly, secure and happy environment. Redlands aims to provide a school community in which there are high standards of behaviour, mutual respect and courtesy between all members and a proper regard for property and the school environment.

We foster caring and responsible attitudes whilst encouraging a high degree of self-discipline and sensitivity towards others. We emphasise good behaviour and work through a system of rewards. We celebrate good behaviour by sharing it with others in assemblies and classrooms.

Unacceptable behaviour is largely prevented by recognising and rewarding good conduct. This is achieved through a selection of rewards. There are regular reviews of children’s behaviour and work by teachers.

If pupils act in an unacceptable manner then a number of sanctions will be used as itemised in our ‘Assertive Discipline’ Policy. Parents will be notified of unacceptable behaviour at an early stage, as co-operation between home and school usually prevents major problems from arising.

A full copy of our policy is available in the school office and in the documents section of this website.

What is assertive discipline?

We believe that:
All children have the right to learn;
Children should be safe whilst at school;
Behaviour that disrupts the learning or safety of a child must be prevented.

Assertive Discipline seeks to:
systematise the use of rules, rewards and sanctions;
• enable parents and pupils to know the school rules and consequences;
• inform parents of their child’s behaviour at an early stage;
• ensure consistency between all adults working in the school;
• enable staff to spend more time on teaching and less time on dealing with bad behaviour;
• prevent attention-seeking pupils from gaining attention through unacceptable behaviour.

The consequences show what will happen when a child chooses to break one of the school rules.

    1. Child is warned
    2. Child’s name moves down their chart (this could be the Rainbow, their Space Chart or their Cool Wall depending on the year group)
    3. Child’s name will continue to move down until it reaches the bottom. The child needs to try to rectify their poor behaviour and earn the right to move back up the chart.They will lose breaktime the following day if their name is at the bottom of the chart by the end of the school day.. Parents are informed.
    4. Child goes to another class with work for 30 minutes.
    5. Child is sent to Deputy Head
    6. Child is sent to Headteacher

If behaviour is consistently poor, parents will be invited in to discuss the situation. No other punishments will be used at Redlands. In the case of persistent or severe bad behaviour the pupil will be excluded by the Headteacher. Parents have the right to appeal to the governing body.

Severe Clause
Under the severe clause a pupil is sent straight to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.The severe clause will be used when a pupil:

  • Wilfully hurts another child
  • Wilfully destroys property
  • Deliberately refuses to do as s/he is told
  • Bullies or threatens another child