Teaching & Learning

Our policies for teaching and learning set out how we facilitate children’s intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. The hallmarks of our work are outstanding teaching, respect for each child as an individual and a can-do ethos that encourages aspiration and fulfilment. It is our determined aim that every child who is schooled at Redlands fulfils his or her true potential as a learner and is well equipped to go on to the next stage of their education with confidence. Our teaching and our curriculum is designed so that children are valued, safe, engaged and happy while also being challenged to reach the highest standards of which they are capable in all areas. We value our children and we want to give them the best start in education so that they can go on to have happy and fulfilling lives and make a positive and enduring contribution to their community.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants play key roles in helping the children learn. We choose them carefully, train them well and monitor and evaluate their work regularly in order to help them become better at it because Redlands children deserve only the very best. Currently (April 2015) 80% of all teaching at Redlands is graded ‘outstanding’ and the remaining 20% is at least ‘good’. I am very proud of all the adults who work here and remain committed to providing the very best professionals for our children.

How we organise our classes for teaching and learning

There are just 11 classes at Redlands, giving the school its ‘village’ feel. Two classes are for reception children – with 22 children in one class and just 23 in the other, giving outstanding adult to child ratios and ensuring children get the best possible start in their schooling. Full-time qualified teachers are assisted by full-time qualified Early Years Assistants.

In the Infants (Key Stage 1) there are just three classes with a maximum of 30 children in each class. Year 1 and Year 2 are often mixed in these classes. Redlands has operated this system for over twenty years and achieves some of the best results in Hampshire and, indeed, England. Full-time qualified teachers are assisted by Teaching Assistants in each class.

In the Juniors (Key Stage 2) there are six classes with a maximum of 30 children in each class. Qualified teachers and Teaching Assistants work with the children, often individually or in small groups, to ensure that they achieve as well as they possibly can by the time they leave us aged 11.

Children are often grouped by ability within their class where it makes the learning more appropriate for each individual. Across classes, particularly as they get older, children are often grouped or ‘set’ for particular lessons, e.g. mathematics, so they can be challenged to take their learning as far as possible.

Parents are a child’s first teachers

We work with parents before a child even starts at Redlands and continue to work with them until the child leaves aged 11. We invite parents in to see lessons in action and learn alongside their child. We run workshops to help parents understand our curriculum especially in maths and English. We ask parents’ opinion of what we do and how it could be made better and we share our work through assemblies, concerts, art exhibitions and many other means. Where teachers and parents work together the child benefits enormously.


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