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Easter Egg Competition 2017 - winners

It was fantastic to see all the entries for this years Easter Egg and Bonnet competition.  The time and effort that had clearly gone into all the designs was amazing.

Congratulations to the winners listed below;

Class 1

Class 2

 Egg Comp 17 1b

 Egg Comp 17 1a

 Egg Comp 17 2a


Egg Comp 17 2b 

Ethan - bonnet

Mia - bonnet

Joshua - bonnet

Keira - bonnet


Class 3

Class 4

 Egg Comp 17 3a Egg Comp 17 3b   Egg Comp 17 4a  Egg Comp 17 4b

Lily - The Eggcracker

Harley - Eggtopus

Scott - carrot bonnet

Lily - 3 Little Eggs & the Big Bad Egg


Class 5

Class 6

 Egg Comp 17 5a Egg Comp 17 5b  Egg Comp 17 6b  Egg Comp 17 6a 

Ava - bonnett

Harry - underwater scene

Lily - Beauty & the Beast

Harry - Lamb United v Bunny City


Class 7

Class 8

 Egg Comp 17 7a Egg Comp 17 7b   Egg Comp 17 8b  Egg Comp 17 8a

Ewan - Let's Get Ready to Scramble

Hannah - Eggstravagant Magician

Maxim - Box of Frogs

Lou - Mr & Mrs Potato Egg


Class 9

Class 10

 Egg Comp 17 9b Egg Comp 17 9a   Egg Comp 17 10a Egg Comp 17 10b 

Mia - Humpty Trumpty

Jack G - Albert Eggstein

Ben - The ResurEGGtion

Sophie - Meggy Berry


Class 11

 Egg Comp 17 11b

Egg Comp 17 11a 

Isabel - Mount Eggna

Hector - The Hobbit - Desolation of Smegg


Parent Entries

IMG 5424 IMG 5425

Mrs J Little - Egg Plant

Mrs R Maynard - Time to Leave