What if my child has Special Needs?

Children with special needs are those who need to have extra provision made for them by teachers. These children range from those who need a little extra help with reading to those who need specialist help with their educational or physical needs.

It is our policy that all children should be fully integrated into the activities of the whole school and that they should, as far as possible, join in everyday activities with other children and have full access to the national curriculum.

The admission arrangements for children with special needs are the same as for other pupils, but do very occasionally depend on the individual child’s specific need. The school’s governing body would have the final say if it were thought that the school could not provide for a particular child.

in order to provide for children in wheelchairs we have a disabled toilet and ramps at external doors. We have some experience in this area and are happy to advise prospective applicants about the facilities we can provide.

All children with special educational needs are identified and supported as early as possible in their school life. This programme of work is tailored to their particular needs. Teachers and classroom assistants are employed specifically to teach them. Classroom assistants experience regular training alongside the teaching staff and some also receive training in particular programmes of work. Our special needs co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the classroom teachers, special needs teacher and classroom assistants.

Our special needs policy describes the work that we do in more detail. It is always available in the school office for parents to read.