House Elections - Announcement of Chairs & Vice-Chairs

At Redlands, all children belong to one of four house teams (Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick and Sussex). Each house has two house captains and two vice-captains that represent their team and contribute to a number of roles throughout the school. Some of the roles they carry out include collecting house points, supporting local charities, planning and supervising inter-house events and contributing to the school website.

The role of captain and vice-captain  is offered to year 6 children who are able to be a role model in terms of attitude, work ethic, manners and appearance whilst providing inspiration and motivation to all pupils in their house.

To apply for the role of house captain or vice-captain children were asked to deliver a speech to the rest of their house team, explaining the reasons why they would be suitable for the position. Their team then voted for whom they believed would represent them best. Congratulations to the following winners:

Cambridge House

Cambridge Captain - Jake Cabridge Captain - Sophie Cambridge Vice - Amy Cambridge Vice - Molly

House Captain - Jake

House Captain - Sophie

House Vice-Captain - Amy

House Vice-Captain - Molly


Oxford House

Oxford Captain - Sebastien Oxford Captain - Violet Oxford Vice - Owen Oxford Vice - Tia

House Captain - Sebastien

House Captain - Violet

House Vice-Captain - Owen

House Vice-Captain - Tia


Sussex House

Sussex Captain - Edward Sussex Captain - Lauren Sussex Vice - Jason Sussex Vice - Charlotte

House Captain - Edward

House Captain - Lauren

House Vice-Captain - Jason

House Vice-Captain - Charlotte


Warwick House   

 Warwick Captain - Tom  Warwick Captain - Georgina  Warwick Vice - Presley  Warwick Vice - Emily

House Captain - Tom

House Captain - Georgina

House Vice-Captain - Presley

House Vice-Captain - Emily