Year 2 - Fairthorne Manor

Each year, Year 2 children are invited to attend a one night residential trip to the YMCA site, Fairthorne Manor where they can take part in a variety of activities supported by staff from school and the leaders at the site.  This year the children will be leaving on Friday 5th June retuning at lunchtime on Saturday 6th June 2015.  For many, this can be the first time away from home, but they come back full of wonderful and exciting memories.

Frequently asked questions about the Year 2 Fairthorne Trip

What do they eat?

Packed lunch when they get there, hot meal in the evening, breakfast in the morning. They won’t go hungry, there’s always LOADS! 

What should they pack?

Use the kit list provided.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that if you buy your child new things, they know about it and can recognise it! It is usually helpful to pack together!

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that everything is NAMED!!!

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that they can carry their own bag! (Some of them go up the stairs!)

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that they practise putting their sleeping bag away.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please keep packed lunch + wellies separate from main bag in a NAMED carrier bag.

My child wets the bed!

Let us know on your child’s medical form (or speak to teacher) and we will discretely put a plastic sheet on their bed before we go to dinner. No one else needs to know. They can wake us up at any point throughout the night if they need help.

My child is scared of the dark!

We leave the lights on in the hall/communal area, and doors are left open with a door stop. Children can wake us up if they are afraid.

We prefer it if children do not bring torches as this may keep other children awake.

My child has nightmares!

They can wake us up at any point throughout the night if they need help.

My child is a fussy eater!

A good idea is to pack quite a large packed lunch so they are nice and full if they don’t fancy anything at dinner time. Children are served by Redlands staff so are asked what they would like.

Please make a note if your child is a vegetarian on the medical form.

My child needs medication!

Make sure that details of medication (how much and when to take it) is on your child’s medical form. The leader of your child’s group will administer your child’s medication.

Who will my child be sharing a room with?

The children will be asked who they want to share a room with. Boys only rooms and girls only rooms. No mixed bedrooms!

Child to staff ratios.

During activities, the children will be split up into 4 groups which will rotate throughout the activities.  Each group will be assigned at least 2 Redlands staff members as well as 2 trained Fairthorne guides.  

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