School Council

Well done to the School Councillor's who held an assembly for the school and their parents. The children spoke about food wastage and the Fareham Council Food Wastage project which Redlands is going to be part of.



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Today we met Barbara and Sue from Fareham Council. They talked to us about food wastage and how much food is wasted and how we can stop it. They gave us food diaries that we were asked to fill out. When we next meet we are going to talk about how we can reduce food wastage. We had an idea to make banana cake as banana often go in the bin. We are going to organise a Year R coffee morning with the baking we do at school Council. 

Barbara and Sue also talked about designing a logo so that people at restaurants take their uneaten food home. The winner will have their logo placed on a bag which people will use to take their food home. We will be telling our classes all about the food diary and the logo competition. 

By Isabel and Daniel

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head boy and girl 17-18

Chair and Vice-Chair Isabel and Daniel

sch cllrs 3 sch cllrs 4 sch cllrs 5

Class 3 Lily and Harry

Class 4 Dexter and Joshua

Class 5 Jensen and Megan

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Class 6 Lewis and Darcie

Class 7 Millie and Ewan

Class 8 Jakob and Aimee

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Class 9 Gracie and Freddie

Class 10 Marshall and Emily

Class 11 Grace and Oliver

My name is Isabel and I am Head Girl. My name is Daniel and I am Head Boy. We are going to be writing this school council page. 

We had one first meeting and it was great to meet everyone. We talked about what we thought made a good school councillor and then we wrote why we thought we would be a good school councillor.  Here are some of our ideas what makes a good school councillor.

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  • "You have to be responsible and polite." Freddie 
  • "You have to be active in school and in the community." Emily 
  • "You have to be kind, helpful, positive, truthful and neat." Marshall
  • "You need to be able to say your opinion. Also taking on board other people's ideas and never telling them they are wrong. Everyone at Redlands has rights so you need to make sure all the children are enjoying their rights." Isabel


Here are some of the reasons why we think we would be good school councillors. 

  • "I'm head boy so I have the responsibility to help others and make sure everyone gets the rights they deserve. I will be there in times of need, like if you have no-one to play with. " Daniel
  • "I'm guna be a good school consler because if you call i'll be thre and I am not afrad to spack out." Jakob 
  • "I want to be a school councialer because I was very shy but this will incoreged me to speak." Aimee
  • "I want to be a school council because I am approachable, a good listener and I want to make everyones time at Redlands as best as it can possibly be." Grace 

2016-17 School Council

Trip to Tesco

On Thursday the 9th February school council went on a trip to Tesco to learn about Fairtrade. When we arrived at Tesco, we were greeted by cari, a member of staff at Tesco. Cari took us to the bakery where we were taught how to make banana cake. We had to mix together 2 bananas, flour, caster sugar, egg yolk, milk and vanilla essence with our hands. It was very messy! Next we poured our delicious mixture into a cake tin and gave it to a chef to be baked. We were told to wait for a while, so we went to participate in another activity.

Tesco 2  Tesco 3  Tesco 4  Tesco 5  Tesco 6

In this activity we were able to walk right into a fridge were Tesco kept all there protects that needed to be kept cold. After this, we walked to something way colder…THE FREEZER! In the freezer they kept meat, ice cream, pasty, etc. this room was -20 degrees. Or next activity was with the fish monger Pete.

Tesco 7  Tesco 8  Tesco 9

With Pete we had the chance to see a fish being gutted then hold its head! YUCK! After this we held a cuttlefish that was out of its shell. Once we had done this, we went to see if our cakes were ready.

As if by magic they were ready and we were able to take them home to share with our families.

Fairtrade Coffee Morning

On Friday 10th February, School Council held a Fairtrade coffee morning for our parents and the local community. All of the children at Redlands made cakes to contribute. We helped serve the drinks and take the money. Tom and Emily (Head Boy and Head Girl) talked to the parents and local community about the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child) and why it is so important to use at Redlands.

Emily and Tom then helped Miss Tenters and Mrs Rowell sell Fairtade hot chocolate to the children at break time. It was a busy day but worth it as we raised lots of money to support the Fairtrade Foundation.

Written by Tom and Emily