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Engineering Day - Year 5/6

Engineering Day 1  Engineering Day 4

On Engineering Day, we learnt multiple facts about engineering and met two engineers - Dave, a nuclear engineer, and Mike, a composite engineer. When they visited, we made mini wind turbines with Mike and helium balloons with Dave. In the afternoon, we used a mini trebuchet to launch a football and try and get it in the goal. On the third try, the ball went in! We learnt that the trebuchet was used in the Roman / Medieval periods to launch boulders and fireballs during battles. 

When we were with Mike, we learnt about composite engineering, carbon fibre and fibre glass. We also learnt that the lines on the back of carbon fibre determine the flexibility of it. As well as this, we discovered that composite engineers build modes of transport, including: aeroplanes, boats and racing cars. We found out that carbon fibre is very light and is extremely popular. When we were with Dave, we learnt about Helium and the trebuchet. We learnt that helium is lighter than air and we had to get the helium balloon to not to float up or down and to stay put.

Engineering Day 2  Engineering Day 3

My favourite part of the day was the question and answer session as we got to learn all about with the engineers’ lives.

By Abbie Duncan, Class 11