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Year 4 Stubbington Study Centre Residential 2018


Friday morning, this meant trying to squeeze our dirty clothes into our suitcases. For some of us this proved tricky!
The teachers were able to get revenge for the early morning wake up calls. They were the farmers trying to catch us whilst we ran around the conservation area whilst solving a puzzle. As you can see we rather liked being stamped by the farmer when we were caught.
Finally after lunch, we  tearfully said good bye, thanked the Stubbington centre staff and climbed onto the bus. On arriving back at school, we were greeted by our parents who were waiting to hear all about our week's adventures, before we went home to collapse after a busy and exciting week.
Stubbfri1    Stubbfri2   Stubbfri3  Stubbfri4  Stubbfri5


Day 4 and the 2 groups set off into the sunshine for some Earthquake,pond dipping and Eggstreme Challenge. 

As yesterday the Earthquake group had to use teamwork to carry the equipment. Luckily no one fell in Lava Leap today and by working together we were carry the dog and baby to safety. 

We were tasked with investigating 2 different ponds, to see if they contained different wildlife. We used nets and troughs to catch the creatures and take them back to the classroom. After using the identification cards, we found we had caught sticklebacks, the amazing caddis fly larvae and a collection of  nymphs and other larvae.

As with the other group, we were too clever and we used the materials to successfully protect the eggs.

The day finished with performances from all the houses singing a song for the 'S Factor'. After all the excitement, we quickly settled down to bed ready for our last day tomorrow.


Stubbthurs  Stubbthurs2  Stubbthurs3  Stubbthurs4  Stubbthurs5  Stubbthurs6  Stubbthurs7  Stubbthurs8 

Stubbthurs9  Stubbthurs10  Stubbthurs11





We survived the first night, although some of us didn't get much sleep.

After breakfast we dressed warmly and headed off to the field for shelter building or to the conservation area for orienteering. Teamwork was the vital word when we built our shelters, most of us were pretty good at this! Mrs Bowie had great fun testing whether they were waterproof with a great big bucket of cold water. Some groups were more successful than others!

Stubb1  Stubb2  Stubb3

After a delicious lunch, we set up our mouse hotels making sure they were warm and had food . We left them with anticipation for a visitor the next morning.

Stubb4  Stubb5  Stubb6

Stubb16  Stubb17  Stubb18

After a better night's sleep for everyone, we set of to the conservation area to collect our hotels. We were very lucky and had 9 visitors including 2 rare yellow necked mice, which were extremely lively!

      Stubb83 Stubb12 Stubb13 Stubb7

Wednesday afternoon meant Earthquake and Eggstreme Challenge. What a clever lot group B were, none of their eggs broke when fired from the trebujet. They must have used the bubble wrap and tissue well to protect the eggs.

Stubb9  Stubb10  Stubb11   

Earthquake meant that we had to work as a team again. The highlight of the experience was Lava Leap. Only one person, not mentioning any names Isabelle, decided it would be a good idea to get their legs wet!

Stubb14  Stubb15  


After a hearty tea and a wild game running around the study centre, we went to bed dreaming of the exciting experiences left for tomorrow.




After a rather soggy start we arrived at Stubbington and quickly settled in. The weather cleared up enough for us to enjoy our trip to the beach. We started by collecting live creatures to put in our rock pools. We found lots of snails and a few anemones.  Leaving them to settle, gave us time to go fossil hunting and create our sea themed sculptures.

Stubbington 2018 3  Stubbington 2018 4  Stubbington 2018 5

 Stubbington 2018 6  Stubbington 2018 7  


Most of us managed to find a fossil, but unfortunately no sharks teeth were found. We returned our creatures back to the sea and headed back to the warmth of the centre.  

Stubbington 2018 8  Stubbington 2018 9  Stubbington 2018 12  Stubbington 2018 10  Stubbington 2018 11  Stubbington 2018 13 tester

Tonight the girls are going to visit the hide so fingers crossed we will see a badger or fox.

Joe T and Joshua are first recipients of Foxy Awards. Both have already showed that they are great at working in a team.

Stubbington 2018 1  Stubbington 2018 2