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Year 6 Residential Osmington Bay 2017

Another cracking day, from exploring underground tunnels to jumping off telegraph poles, every second has been action packed. We're now all dressed up and ready for our last night's entertainment - D I S C O! 
Here are a selection of the latest photos. 

Os 17 12  Os 17 20

Os 17 13  Os 17 14  Os 17 15

Os 17 16  Os 17 17

Os 17 19  


We have been very busy since last updating. The weather has been dry but windy and starting to get a bit chilly. Despite this, we've packed in lots of activities and sung songs around a campfire. The PGL staff are looking after us very well and the children are starting to make Osmington Bay their second home.  The tooth fairy has already been twice. She has impressed the children by managing to find them while they're away but thoughtfully left the teeth under their pillows so the children can show their parents when they get home. The children continue to behave extremely well and show amazing bravery and enthusiasm. Here are some more photos of our adventure.

Osmington 2017 1  Osmington 2017 2  Osmington 2017 3  Osmington 2017 4  Osmington 2017 8  Osmington 2017 7  Osmington 2017 9

 Osmington 2017 5 Osmington 2017 10

 Osmington 2017 11 Osmington 2017 12 Osmington 2017 6


What a fantastic morning we've had! The children have shown enormous courage abseiling and climbing, then had a great time exploring the beach looking for pirate gems and creating beach art. Here are some pictures to give everyone at home an idea of what we've been up to. 

Os 17 1 Os 17 2 Os 17 7  Os 17 6

Os 17 4  Os 17 5  Os 17 3

Tuesday Morning 

We arrived safe and had an excellent first evening exploring the centre. No tears and lots of smiles, the children are an excited, happy bunch. We've had a hearty breakfast and are ready for activities. This morning it will be climbing, beach walk, abseiling and orienteering. This afternoon will be archery, quad bikes and zip wire. Children excellently behaved and having a brilliant time. 

Os 17 8  Os 17 9  Os 17 10

Os 17 11