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Mrs E Goadsby - Parent Governor


I first took up a place as a parent governor in February 2006 when my eldest daughter was in her reception year. I now have one daughter at Redlands and am looking forward to continuing my involvement with the school for many years to come.

I have a BSc in Physics and have worked as a scientist for many years. My work has been varied: involving practical work monitoring for environmental contaminants, laboratory analysis and record keeping.

I am also heavily involved in quality management using audit, statistical analysis and system review to ensure that high levels of quality assurance are maintained throughout my departments.

All of this pales in significance compared to the skills as a negotiator, logistics expert and entertainment manager (necessary for every parent) – which have developed as the children have grown!

It is my hope that every child in the school will find it a happy and interesting place, where learning is something that they enjoy.