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Mr K Harcombe - Head Teacher

K Harcombe                                   

I obtained a BA (Hons) and MA from the University of Sussex in 1979 and 1980. Following a short stint as a busker and three years in the civil service, I returned to Sussex in 1984 to obtain my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and have been teaching in Hampshire since 1985. I became Deputy Headteacher in 1992 and then acting Head of Haselworth Primary in Gosport, before moving to become Head of Orchard Lea Junior, Fareham, in 1995 and Head of Redlands Primary in 2000.

I am Chair of Hampshire's Primary Standing Committee and was a nationally accredited School Improvement Partner. Currently, as a Leading Learning Partner, I am supporting three schools in Hampshire. I was also one of five members of Hampshire's Teaching and Leadership College Leadership Group, helping to define Hampshire's leadership development strategy. I am on the Governing Board of Pioneer Teaching School Alliance and is a licensed facilitator for the National College of School Leadership. I am also a Team Trainer for KS2 English SATs.

I have presented talks on leadership and school improvement at The TES Show (Olympia) The Education Show (NEC) and at The Sunday Times Festival of Education (Wellington College, as well as the keynote speech for Hampshire's Music Conference, 2009. I was National Primary Headteacher of the Year 2007.

I contribute monthly articles to Teach Primary magazine and have contributed articles and features to the Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, The Independent and The News. My first book, How to survive and succeed as a Headteacher, was published in January 2009 and my second, Brilliant Primary Teacher, was published by Pearson in March 2010.

Redlands is the happiest (and most successful) school I have worked at and, while I feel I have achieved my stated aim on appointment to "give Harrison and Uplands a run for their money," I still feel there are many challenges to be addressed, including raising standards in writing to the same level of those in reading, and ensuring that every child who leaves Redlands achieves the expected grade for their age.